Who We Are

The purpose of Columbus People’s Partnership is to be a powerful vehicle for faith, community, student and labor bases to act collectively toward a more economic and racially equitable Columbus through three core strategic approaches: 

Grassroots Community Organizing: Direct megaphone-icon.pnggrassroots organizing that engages community members and allied institutions in issue campaigns, builds lasting infrastructure for community power, and supports the development of local leaders who drive the strategic vision of lasting systemic change.
govt-icon-orange.pngPublic Policy Reform: The development, adoption, implementation, and enforcement of policies that address systemic inequities within Columbus for working and low-income families. We focus on changes that can help reduce disparities based on race, class, gender and ability.
Student-Curator-Icon-300x300_copy.pngCivic Engagement: Engaging and mobilizing unlikely voters in theelectoral and legislative process. Our programs focus not only on short- term goals related to elections, but on long-term transformational goals related to leadership development, building long-term civic capacity and independent political power.