People's Justice Project

People's Justice Project (PJP) is a Black-led non-profit grassroots organization of working people and communities of color united across Columbus, Ohio. We're working to confront police violence, end mass incarceration, and promote safety and health in Linden and in the broader Columbus community.

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Ohio Student Association

Formed in 2012, Ohio Student Association (OSA) is a statewide organization led by young people. OSA engages in values-based issue & electoral organizing, nonviolent direct action, advocacy for progressive public policy, and leadership development. On campuses and communities across Ohio, we organize young people to build independent political power.

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Crazy Faith Ministries

The vision of Crazy Faith is to multiply the number of people who understand the power of a faith-based spirituality as they work to move the obstacles to full and productive lives. We teach the concept of crazy faith to do the work of social justice in Columbus, Ohio. We are not a traditional church. ​

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